Monday, November 23, 2015


Chris and Angela's wedding was incredibly fun, and a blast to photograph! So many smiles and so much laughing by family and friends throughout the day. Their attention to detail and love for each other was even evident in some special touches as well, one of which was the beautiful arch they were married under, handcrafted especially for Angela and Chris. 

Not only was their wedding amazing, but they planned an epic honeymoon and shipped off to Italy where Stephen and I just visited! Angela and Chris - congratulations!! We hope La Tagliata was the best meal you've ever had and these photos highlight your most cherished memories!

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Peace in Pieces said...

The wedding team was very supportive. The wedding venues Los Angeles had everything a girl might need. I highly recommend getting ready in the bridal suite. They lit the fireplaces and the views from the suite were exceptional.

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