Monday, December 20, 2010


True Apothecary is an awesome band. Awesome guys. Awesome music. Pure awesomeness all around. Front man, David Brooks, is an incredible talent and a very close friend of mine. I've been photographing him and his past bands for quite some time now, and have always been excited to do so. But I have to say, this shoot was by far, my favorite. I met guitarist Jared Garcin and drummer Mike Waschenko the morning of the shoot. Early morning. Sorry guys... ;) They were super nice and we all had a really great time watching the sunrise and taking some promo shots. Please, go check out their music. You won't be disappointed.

quick outtake of me with the guys courtesy of Camila!


Clare said...

Linds, these are great shots! Of course!!! I love the ones with the sun streaming in, and the ones of them laughing, and the one with the grass in front!! They are very lucky to have you do their pics! And.... the one with you in it!

david said...

Clare is one hundred percent correct across the board :)

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